Soccer and Hispanics:

Not Always the Perfect Match

By: Edwin Rodriguez, Planning Department

Hey there brands, not all Hispanics are into soccer. Yes it’s true that there are a lot of Hispanics who love soccer and have a deep passion for it, but there are other ways to form a connection with us. I may be the odd one out since I’d much rather watch an (American) football game or a basketball game, or maybe even a baseball game, than watch a soccer game.

Professional football ranks higher than any other major sport amongst U.S. Hispanics. According to this article on Multicultural Retail 360:


  • Over 65% of Hispanics watch football
  • 29% of them identify as “avid” fans
  • Spanish-dominant Hispanic viewers increased by more than 15% in the past year
  • Last year’s Super Bowl was the highest rated program ever among this segment


Historically, NFL culture has had very few Hispanic players, so Hispanic culture has not been well represented. The NFL is working very hard to change that with Hispanic youth programs and Spanish-language advertising. Because the NFL has a much shorter season than the other major sports, spanning only 16 weeks, it can afford to broadcast all the games in Spanish.

Of the 32 different franchises in the NFL, the Dallas Cowboys consistently have the most Hispanic fans. Part of the reason that they have such a huge Hispanic following is that they have Hispanic Heritage Initiatives that help build a stronger connection with Hispanics. And it doesn’t hurt that Texas shares a border with Mexico. One of the brands that has capitalized on Hispanics’ affinity for the Cowboys is Miller Lite. It’s the official Beer of the Dallas Cowboys, and they target Hispanics extensively in their advertising.

There are millions of Hispanics in the U.S. that didn’t grow up with a soccer ball next to their bed.  Incorporating soccer in every ad campaign that targets Hispanics just to try to establish a connection and pretend that the brand understands Hispanic culture is the new “Piñata.”