Marketing to Hispanics with YouTube

By: Audrey Bell and Michael Devine, Brand Leadership

With the constant technological advances of today’s world, it is especially difficult for brands to stay connected with consumers. This is why the majority of brands have created YouTube channels to show certain TV spots in addition to airing them on television. In fact, a new video is uploaded to YouTube by a brand every 18.5 minutes.

This large influx of branded video content is being well received by consumers, with the monthly viewings of these videos from the top 100 brands on Youtube up 55 percent from last year. With its wide array of content, YouTube appeals to and reaches a variety of demographics, including millennials and the Hispanic market. Not only has YouTube become the perfect platform to popularize this content, but it is also a great avenue that brands can take in order to target specific segments.

YouTube has noticed these trends and has taken advantage of its targeting capabilities by releasing YouTube Hispanic this past March. Similar to purchasing TV spots, advertisers are able to secure buys with audience guarantees. It’s important to note that YouTube is targeting specific Latino audiences not through actual ethnicity, but through factors such as language data and collective viewing patterns.

In order to ensure a successful brand strategy on a platform such as YouTube, brands around the world must keep in mind the importance of differentiating between specific target segments. In the end, this will help them focus on delivering viral campaigns that will encourage viewers to share the content after watching.

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