Summer time and kids out of school are synonymous with family vacations. And a new study shows that U.S. Hispanics (USH) are spending more money overall than non-Hispanics when enjoying a break from work with their families.

The research recently presented at the National Tour Association’s (NTA) Travel Exchange conference shows that USH spend around $2,400 on a vacation trip, 20% more than non-Hispanics. This difference is even higher, 30%, when comparing average spending per vacation by affluent Hispanics and affluent non-Hispanics.

“Vacations for the U.S Hispanic and Latino consumers mean going out on a trip with the whole family, sharing and enjoying the experience as a group,” says Dieste CEO Greg Knipp. This insight was recently used on a campaign developed by Dieste for one of our biggest clients.

Top Vacation Destinations for Hispanics

It is also important to highlight that in general, U.S Hispanic and Latino families are bigger than non-Hispanic counterparts. Therefore it is not a surprise that the majority of USH families (74%) prefer road trips rather than flying when traveling within the U.S.

And what are their top five destinations?

  1. California
  2. Florida
  3. Nevada
  4. Texas
  5. New York

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