Creatively Helping Brands Become Famous & Useful to the World

After one hectic week in the French Riviera – all the ceremonies, talks, networking and screenings – what matters most is what we can take home during the following 12 months. The winning work can teach us many things and lead the way as inspiring examples for creative excellence. But this creative excellence doesn’t rely only on the creative department. It takes strong, trustful relationships with clients, briefs with fresh approaches that frame down unique tensions and spark genius, and understanding – as a team – that the best added value we can offer as an idea factory is helping brands become famous and useful to the world.


Here are a few inspiring examples that did exactly that:

1. Brands that added value to the life of their consumers, improving their overall brand reputation and/or consumer’s perception.

  1. Nivea – What is the most efficient way to target kids? Using their own tools (or maybe we should say their own toys)
  2. Clever Bouy – a creative (and unexpected) way to improve the overall perception of a telecom network
  3. Samsung – check how Samsung is helping to reduce the number of accidents on Argentinian roads – where, every hour, one person dies in a car accident


2. Brands that expressed concern about social or cultural problems and decided to use their resources, technology and infrastructure to find solutions.

  1. Life paint – how a carmaker took ownership of the road safety conversation
  2. Intimate words – when lack of words can cause death
  3. Like a girl – when girls’ actions empower women’s thoughts all around the globe


3. Brands that can still offer pure entertainment while staying true to their positioning and single benefit (and we believe this is what advertising is ultimately about).

  1. Honda – The Other Side
  2. Old Spice – Dad Song
  3. Leica Gallery – A Tribute to Photography
  4.  Shrimp Frying Cannon – DoCoMo Network