Netflix Looks to the Spanish Language for Growth

By: Marissa Lopez, Creative Department

Lately, the wildly popular on-demand Internet streaming media service, Netflix, has been struggling to grow. The plateau in growth isn’t a result of the service, but rather an over saturated English-speaking target market. Netflix is now looking to the Spanish language in hopes of brand growth, so they are now featuring popular Spanish-language TV shows, telenovelas, movies and documentaries in order to attract more Spanish-speaking consumers. The expansion doesn’t stop there: Netflix has also announced that they will be releasing the first ever Netflix original series in Spanish, “Club de Cuervos,” in early August.

As a leader in innovation, Netflix, has recognized the significance of the Hispanic market. According to the Pew Research Center, “the Hispanic demographic is one of the fastest growing portions of the U.S. population.” If other brands follow suit in extending into the Spanish language they are sure increase brand awareness and potential growth.