Why Brands Should Utilize Snapchat to Reach Gen Z

By: Audrey Bell, Brand Leadership

When many people think social media, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter are the main platforms that come to mind. However, that list has recently grown to include Snapchat, the fastest growing social app in 2014.

With the ability to show real-time images and videos complete with messages and drawings, Snapchat now has an estimated 200 million users. The majority of its users are between the ages of 13 and 24, making it the ideal social media app for reaching Generation Z.

Carla Eboli, Chief Marketing Officer of Dieste, recently wrote an article about this unique generation. Not only is Gen Z the largest demographic age group at 25.9% of the U.S. population, but they are also the most diverse.

So what does this mean for brands? The high concentration of young people in one constantly connected platform offers the perfect opportunity for brands interested in this target market.

Because the images only last for a few seconds, brands must be highly creative in their advertising on Snapchat. Some marketing approaches that have worked thus far are contests, promotions and giveaways. However, the key to engaging with Gen Z on this particular platform is to produce relevant and innovative content in order to keep their attention and speak directly to them.

Further, with 22% of Snapchat users in the U.S. being Hispanic, advertisers are even able to target certain cultural demographics of this already age-specific, multicultural audience. A recent example occurred when Univision Deportes teamed up with Snapchat to show highlights from the USA-Mexico match. An early adopter of the app, Taco Bell took advantage of Snapchat’s features in order to promote its brand to Gen Z through creative pictures and videos.

As Snapchat only continues to gain users, brands must rethink ways in which they can advertise on this platform in order to utilize its opportunities and expand their reach to Gen Z.