Hispanics Honor The Way Of The Land

By: Mike Devine, Brand Leadership

When it comes to loving our environment, Hispanics can be the forerunners. As the news teems with stories about global warming and the negative effects of industrialism, Hispanics are likely to call humans out as the principal offenders. This devotion to keeping the planet healthy is something companies must bear in mind when looking to the future of their brands. According to Pewresearch.org, about 70% of Hispanics claim that global warming directly results from human activity. In the same study, they found that only 44% of whites and 56% of blacks held the same beliefs.

A survey completed by Stanford University found that Hispanics are also more likely to believe that global warming directly affects them. This could be in part because many Hispanics occupy jobs that rely on the environment across the US. Another reason for this, as explained in the NY Times article, is that Hispanics often live in or closer to areas affected by pollution, such as near highways or industrial areas.

Global warming and improper care for the land has strained the relationship between Hispanics and companies who refuse to combat these environmental issues.  The Latino Sustainability Institution demonstrates their devotion to the land in a poll from 2011. It found that Hispanics even support the limitation of how much cattle should be able to graze on public lands. Their hopes are to ensure the land continues to thrive for future generations to enjoy, and that we all support this effort.