The Highly Influential Latina Mother

By: Audrey Bell, Brand Leadership

In the scheme of the general market, it might be easy for advertisers to simply group all Hispanics in the same category. But let’s keep dividing a little further to separate the all-important Latina segment.

According to Nielsen’s 2013 Latina Power Shift study, the percentage of Latinas in the total US female population is growing quickly and expected to comprise 30% of the total female population by the year 2060.

While the purchasing power of Hispanics is estimated to be around $1.5 trillion, Latinas make around 86% of these purchase decisions. The reason these women are so influential is not only because of their enormous purchasing power but they are also very active in the market, constantly buying products and food for their families.

Advertisers are missing out on a large target if they aren’t producing messages to directly reach Latina mothers. A couple brands that have been successful with this are Target, with their #SinTraddución campaign, and General Mills’ Qué Rica Vida.

It is important for brands to reach out and make their own connections with Latina mothers in order to be considered by these influential purchasers. If you want to read more on targeting Latinas, check out this article by Dieste’s CMO, Carla Eboli.

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