Culturally Connecting With Hispanic Millennials

By: Marissa Lopez, Creative Department

At times it can be difficult for U.S.-born Hispanic Millennials to feel close to their roots. In fact, only 31% reported that they feel close to the Latino culture. As a Hispanic Millennial born and raised in Texas I can say that I am in the 69% that doesn’t always feel close. However, there is one very important part of my life that always brings back that cultural connection: food and drink.

Research shows that 73% of U.S.–born Hispanic Millennials are influenced by their cultural backgrounds when it comes to purchasing certain brands. Purchasing the same food and beverages that our families raised us on and using family recipes are by far the most powerful ways to keep that connection strong.

The importance of Hispanic Millennials as a demographic is no secret. With the understanding of the cultural significance of food and beverage to them, the possibilities for brands are endless. General market brands now have the opportunity to connect with this demographic on a deeper, more emotional level. One thing’s for sure, if a U.S. brand can capture even just a small element of Hispanic culture, those childhood cultural memories come flooding back, captivating both my heart and my wallet.