People Are Hotspots

We work in an industry where tech and tactics often trump insights and introductions to new people and ideas.

That seems to be true here even at Cannes. People’s heads tend to be angled down 45 degrees to see what’s next or what’s going on elsewhere that’s cooler than where they are now.

But what I’m finding out is that the conversations that follow the formal presentations are as invigorating as the presentations themselves.

And the coffees and beers I’ve shared with people who were complete strangers when I woke up this morning are helping me connect the dots in ways so much clearer than before. And I’m looking forward to meeting up later with my new friends, Maks and Abraham.

Of course, WiFi doesn’t have to be MeFi. In fact, at its best, WiFi is WeFi. Still, when we remain present and look for our connections with those human hotspots immediately around us, it’s pretty eye opening what we can discover. And it’s a great excuse to share a beer.