Hispanic Education as a Key to America’s Success

One of the most effective ways to lift people out of poverty and into the middle class is through education. Curiously enough, the demographic group that is currently at an unprecedented level of educational achievement is also one of the fastest growing and youngest demographic groups in the country: Hispanics. Consequently, America’s future success is somewhat directly connected to the success of Hispanics. 

Hispanics have made enormous progress in their educational achievement, but there are still obstacles that are keeping Hispanics from fully reaching their academic potential. The biggest gains are:

The two biggest obstacles are:

  1. The economic factor – the need to help support their family is often a reason for not enrolling in college
  2. Latino children are more likely to attend low-performing schools, thus placing them at a disadvantage when compared to other groups
Education is a top issue for Hispanics, ranking above healthcare and immigration. Education should also be a top priority for the government and community leaders as a way to achieve upward mobility. By focusing on key education initiatives, such as the National Hispanic Education Blueprint, and Mi Escuelita, Hispanics can further fuel the growth needed for the country’s economic success.