How Spanish SEO Can Boost Your Brand Presence Online

By: Andrea Barreto, Jr. Art Director @andrisabavi

Now that we’re almost halfway through the year, polishing up your Spanish SEO strategy may be the perfect tactic to boost your brand presence online (if you’re not doing it already). There’s no question about the fact that Hispanics make up a significant portion of the buying power in the United States, and brands are doing everything they can to reach them through many channels—especially digital. However, in all the efforts to connect with this complex mosaic of people, marketers still seem to overlook search engine optimization, especially in Spanish.

Google’s Commitment To Spanish Search

The numbers don’t lie and Google knows it. Google is not only developing new Hispanic targeting tools on YouTube, but also recently did a study showing how highly engaged the Hispanic audience is online:

  • Online ads capture 66% of Hispanic’s attention as opposed to 47% of the general market.
  • 93% of those Hispanics who remembered the ad went on to search more about the product or service.
  • Hispanics watch 90 more minutes of video on different types of devices than the average American.

Tackling Spanish SEO

As a tech savvy and highly engaged audience online, U.S. Hispanics still have one thing in common and that’s language. Google also revealed that although Hispanics feel comfortable using English online, Spanish is still just as important. If you’re in one the fastest growing Spanish search categories (retail, telecom, food, automotive, health, beauty, or skincare), you’ll want to optimize your website with Spanish keywords and long tail keywords in order to gain more traffic and rankings on search. What’s more, Spanish keywords generally have less competition, making it easy to make a large impact for cheap. Using Spanish SEO tactics may also generate a high volume of international traffic, making it perfect for large brands seeking a global presence.

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