Why Hispanics Are the Stars at the Theaters

Hispanics at Movies


Post CinemaCon 2015, the largest gathering of movie theater owners from around the world, many theater owners were able to not only learn about new technologies and films, but about new opportunities to drive business further, including who their most avid moviegoers were: Hispanics.

Growing up in hot and humid Houston, summer was always a time where I yearned to escape the heat. Going to the movies was always high on my list of things to do. Apparently, I share similar behavior with Hispanics all over America. Whether we have the same driver of behavior is another discussion.

Hispanics have become the most valuable moviegoers in the U.S. for three main reasons:

  • They go more often (making it a habit).
  • They go with more people.
  • They tend to prefer opening-weekend experiences.

When executing any campaign, we all know the key customer must be top of mind. In a panel interview with Univision, Coke, Walmart, Disney and Baru Advertising shared a little on how to drive Hispanics to theaters. The key takeaways were:

  • Know your customer
  • Be relevant
  • Create inclusive experiences

In a previous Provoke Daily, we learned how Disney VP of Multicultural Initiatives, Christine Cadena, saw focusing on Hispanics as an economic reality. Here she reminds us that creating in-theater experiences will give moviegoers incentives to attend and look forward to engaging experiences.