Getting More Intimate With Women


“Most women feel more comfortable talking about sex than about money.” This was one of the most important insights we heard during the panel Turning Tough Topics into Trending Topics at the 11th edition of the Marketing to Women – M2W (Chicago, April 2015).

The panel led by Diana Littman Paige, EVP of Consumer Lifestyle & Health at our sister agency Marina Maher Communications, had two very distinctive brands–KY from Reckitt Benckiser and Fidelity Investments–discussing how to build “meaningful relationships that educate, foster conversations and turn brands into friends that she wants to introduce to all of her other friends.”

According to Bruno Alves, Senior Brand Manager, Marketing for KY at Reckitt Benckiser, the company uses data to develop gender-relevant communications and turn tough themes, such as sexual wellbeing, into trending conversations. “It is all about giving women the right environment on their own terms and they will talk about it,” said Mr. Alves.


And marketers understand the huge value of having customers talking about their products and brands. “Marketers need to ensure cultural relevancy across all their communication platforms. When they miss the mark, they miss the customer and if people are not talking about your product or brand in social conversations, you are probably losing share to your competitor,” says Greg Knipp, CEO of Dieste.

Here 5 tips that will help you to start tough conversations with your female audience:

  1. Listen to her closely
  2. Speak in her language
  3. Talk with her, not at her
  4. Show her she is not the only one
  5. Give her a reason to share