The Importance of Hispanic Millennials


We’ve said it tons of times, but we’ll say it again: you can’t ignore Hispanics in your marketing strategy. And it’s not just us saying it—IAB just published an article on 8 things all marketers should know about U.S. Hispanics. Plus we don’t mind that they quoted our book on the same topic, 1+1=3.

As the Millennial Generation moves into the mainstream, so do multiculturals, with a large proportion of them being Hispanic. Here are the key ideas to takeaway from their article:

  • Multiculturals rule the Millennial generation
  • Authenticity is key
  • Culture beats language
  • 23% of U.S. births are to Hispanic Millennial moms
  • Big spending power that resides with the moms
  • Hispanics = Mobile + Digital
  • Hispanics are listening…to the radio online