Mother’s Day in Spanish


If you still have questions about the relevance of Mother’s Day celebration for U.S. Hispanics, this might be the ultimate answer for you.

According to an article published today by Fusion, the term “Madres” was trending yesterday on Twitter and was, at some point, the second most tweeted-about topic in the U.S.

“While only about 20 percent of American adults use Twitter at all, the social-media site can still be viewed as a barometer for what our nation is thinking and saying—or, in the case of “Madres,” what language its population is speaking,” says the article signed by John Walker.

Well you have at least six months, from now, to plan your 2016 Mother’s Day marketing campaign and hopefully you will remember this post when you start to allocate your media dollars.

And we are pleased to share with you how we, Hispanics, Latinos and Multiculturals at Dieste, celebrated our “Día de las Madres.”