Disney Knows Best:

Hispanics Are Your Core Customers

Hispanics Core Customers

By: Jesse Echeverría, Community Manager, @jesseechev

Being a former Disney Cast Member and having earned my ears, I have a very special place for Disney in my heart. Not only does Disney really, really understand business, they understand that to continue to have success in the U.S. box office they need to keep in mind that Hispanics are their core customer. To me, it seems like they have taken a couple of pages out of our 1+1=3 book and put them into practice.

With 1 in 5 millennials in the U.S. being Hispanic, their influence over culture and trends is more than substantial.  No wonder marketing executives at Disney are so invested in making sure exhibitors tend to the Hispanic market. They see that Hispanics are among the most frequent moviegoers, representing 18% of the population but 32% of frequent moviegoers. Disney’s Christine Cadena even says that for CinemaCon they had a talk named “Step Up Your Game with Hispanics: Enticing the Country’s Most Avid Moviegoers to Your Theater.”

Steps like keying in on market nuances can make all the difference. Not force-translating an English-language tagline, and making sure the emotional connection stays intact are a couple examples. “The no. 1 thing we’ve learned is Hispanics want to be included,” Cadena stated. “We want to be part of the party.” And Disney knows all about fiestas!