Socialebrities as Brand Influencers



By: Mageline Concepcion, Account Director

Recently the wildly popular socialebrity and comedic actor LeJuan James expressed gratitude on his social channels “for all the corporations and brands that appreciated [his] work and feel strongly enough to utilize [him] as a spokes person.” He was referring to a recently signed annual contract with Honda to become their spokes person. LeJuan is one of many socialebrities who have created and nurtured their brands almost exclusively on social media—and in the process amassing a significant network of followers (LeJuan’s social media stats as of 4/11/15: FB 1,269,943 likes, Instagram 684k, Twitter 30.3k followers, Vine 465.2k).

The Internet made information accessible to all, in turn giving birth to social media’s ubiquity. Could it be that in the process it’s democratizing who brands will consider celebrity influencers? Long live socialebrities.