How Bloggers are Shifting the Fashion Industry to Focus More on Minorities


By: Mindy Shepperd, Assistant Account Executive

It’s true that fashion is a language all its own. No matter what your background or place of residence, style can be communicated all over. And much like the textures and materials it is made from, those who influence today’s top trends are all cut from different fabrics and walks of life. One of the biggest impacts on the fashion industry has been the rising voice of bloggers, especially those with a multicultural influence.

Minority bloggers have been multiplying and brands are paying attention. Brands have been unabashed in trying to tap into the self-starters by reaching into their niche audiences. Vanessa Flaherty, VP of the management division at blogger agency Digital Brand Architects said, “In the last few days alone, I’ve had two different beauty brands specifically ask what Hispanic talent I work with because they want to target that demo for their upcoming campaigns.” Luxury brands are working towards diversifying as the financial benefits continue to increase. In 2014, the buying power of Hispanic Americans equaled $1.3 trillion, while African and Asian Americans came in right under $1.9 trillion.

While the industry overall still has a lot to work out, there is no doubt that the fashion and lifestyle bloggers adhering to their roots are being heard and sparking powerful changes.