Red Carpet Is Not Just for Hollywood


By: Carla Levy, Quantitative Storyteller

What I like about today’s digital age are the endless opportunities that exist not only for the audience, but also for the people who create their own content. As the digital space grows, we start to see more recognition for these people who take the time to share and inspire. This year, for example, two events were held to acknowledge Latino digital influencers.

In February, YouTube launched the #WeAllGrow Summit by Latina Bloggers Connect, a conference which aimed to bring together all the voices and stories of Latina digital content creators and influencers across all categories (parenting, lifestyle, fashion/beauty, food, entertainment and more).

Very recently, the first annual Tecla Awards took place in Miami during Hispanicize 2015, showcasing the increasing segment of Latino bloggers, micro-bloggers, vloggers, brands and agencies that are actively participating in the digital multicultural space. The highlight of the night: a red carpet gala.

To conclude, this digital era is forcing us to change the way we see things and to plan accordingly. As such, bloggers and vloggers should be considered the new celebrities/stars of today. The good thing is that they can help us expand our brand messages in a more realistic and approachable way.