Do You Speak Bark?

Adoptable Trends


By: Francisco Cardenas, Director of Digital Strategy, @chitocardenas

As a Multicultural Advertising Agency, Dieste Inc is constantly challenged in trying to be the voice of brands that want to speak to a multicultural audience in America— a challenge in and of it itself that we are more than happy to take on.

But when Dallas Pets Alive, our very own local puppy rescue organization, reached out to us with the challenge of being the voice of at-risk dogs that are waiting to be adopted. Could we really undertake the task of being their voice? Could we speak their language in a way that would help them get adopted faster and that people could relate to?

Well, we did.

Last year, we produced the #muttboming campaign, generating astonishing results and massive media coverage that gave puppies a home and a voice.

This year the challenge was on to make yet another campaign that could help amplify the voice of dozens of puppies that were just waiting to get adopted. And so it was that #AdoptableTrends was born. This idea ‘adopted’ real-time trends from the digital chatter, and the trending hashtags were used to rename the puppies to organically appear in everyone’s search. So now you know, if on your next park visit ‘Photoshopped Bieber’ licks you or if ‘Feel Better Harrison Ford’ asks for a belly rub, you’ll understand why this puppy is used to being the center of attention.

The results, as highlighted by Contagious, were amazing—increasing adoptions by 200% over the previous year. You may not speak bark, but we can bark what you speak.