The Evolution Of Vending Machines


By: Carla Eboli, CMO

There is some fabulous news about the food & drink industry: the technology added to it.  Different from the old vending machines – which solely functioned to deliver products once bills or coins were introduced into it – the novelty is that machines can create new products, new flavors and unique options in “partnership” with consumers. Only the money part remains the same…

And indeed money is still the driver, as most of the time this technology is used to increase product sales. This is the case with the very cool machine developed by Pernot Ricart Brazil, called Absolute Boozbox.  The “robotic Latino bartender” can serve over 200 different drinks, using vodka, whisky, rum and cachaça – the Brazilian national liquor – and mixers, without requiring any human support (besides a thirsty consumer willing to press the button and pay for it).

Apparently the Boozboox is pretty similar to the acclaimed Coca-Cola freestyle – a machine that can dispense over 140 different soda flavors all made from Coca-Cola products obviously – but for adults only.

And interaction between machines, drinkables and edibles doesn’t stop there. 3D printers are apparently moving away from plastic and rubber to something a little tastier.  The Foodini, for example, can “print” different types of food, depending on what you are craving and the ingredients you load into the machine.  From pizza to spinach quiche dinosaurs (yes, dinosaur-shaped quiches), the Barcelona start-up company promotes healthy eating, based on the premise that you know exactly what is being added to your meal and “by requiring fresh ingredients prepared before printing.”

Or, just for fun, check out this guy that decided to use a 3D printer to create the perfect cheese spread technique.

But who is the target of all these innovations? Primarily millennials, according to Dieste’s planning team. “It has all the ingredients that appeal to millennials: innovation, uniqueness and freshness” says Wegs, Chief Idea Officer at Dieste.