Big Soccer Hits Home In 2016 And Possibly Your Key Markets


By: Franco Caballero, Creative Strategist

While Brazil 2014 is long gone, and Russia 2018 is not quite in view, in 2016 the United States will host one of the largest soccer tournaments in the world. If you don’t know about it, then learn the name: Copa America Centenario. And this time, you don’t have a choice; it will hit the most important cities in the country, or in marketing terms, some of your key markets.

This is a perfect time for marketers to test their brands against soccer as a platform, figure out if it’s viable for their marketing objectives and possibly justify larger or repeated investments in the future. I’m resisting the urge to preach, so this is just a spark to get your curiosity going. The bidding process is underway and there are 24 cities that make the cut to be selected as one of the hosts. Check them out.

Are any of these a key market for your brand? Is it too early to plan? We know better, since 2015 was last year’s work and 2016 starts now.

For the early-bird-get-the-worm kind, here is an in depth take on why some of these cities are definite locks as hosts vs. others.