By: Carla Eboli, CMO, Dieste

Contributor: J. Carlos Maya, President, Mixto Foundation

In honor of World Health Day, we are very happy to share the HIV education, prevention and awareness campaign we developed together – The Mixto Foundation and Dieste Inc – for Florida International University – FIU.

Today, there are more than 35 million living with HIV around the world. In the USA, according to the CDC, there are more than 1.2 million people living with the virus, and the problem is even more alarming among minorities such as gays and bisexuals, young adults, women, African Americans and Hispanics. For you to have an idea, US Hispanics represent “higher rates of both new HIV infections and people living with HIV disease than their white counterparts,” to the CDC.

And how can one control such an epidemic disease? Education is the answer, according to UNICEF: “evidence shows that school-based sex education can be effective in changing the knowledge, attitudes and practices that lead to risk behavior.”

Please check out our initiative and spread the word, so we can stop the spread of HIV.