Battle of the Century:

the Multicultural Mindset vs. Cultural Blindness


By: Cole Ashby, Assistant Account Executive

Juanes made history at this year’s GRAMMY Awards by performing completely in Spanish – the first time in 10 years that an artist has done so on the show. Since America is so obviously multicultural, you can assume this was met with overwhelming praise, right?

Wrong. It was met with a mixed reaction on Twitter, which has become ground zero for extreme opinions and explicit racism. This is in stark contrast to the multicultural mindset we believe to be on the rise. Maybe the acceptance of a multicultural America isn’t as unanimous as we thought? Is all hope lost?

No. The truth is that, despite the cultural ignorance of some, the multicultural mindset is making a breakthrough in media, advertising and popular culture. Look no further than the primetime TV lineup with shows starring all-minority casts like “Empire” and “Fresh of the Boat.” Look back at the World Cup where brands like Hyundai and Dish featured Spanish-language ads on English-language networks. Or look at 11-year-old undocumented immigrant Sebastien De La Cruz singing the national anthem at a Spurs basketball game. Each of these was met with some initial backlash from the white majority; however, the overall reaction was extremely positive.

Despite the reluctance of some to embrace a multicultural America, its influence cannot be denied. We are starting to see that the multicultural mindset is being woven into every corner of the mainstream. Fear from the white majority and an “us vs. them” mentality is slowly but surely losing way to the undeniable fact that they must adapt to the changing world.

The future belongs to the multicultural millennials who both accept and appreciate the cultural diversity of this nation. As one of these multicultural millennials, I can tell you this: The war of the century is ours to win, and the odds are ever in our favor.