Emoji for the Win


By: Lina Zia, Guest Contributor

Emoji is a global visual shorthand utilized by Millennials to communicate in our fast-paced, technological world—so fast paced in fact that there have been two huge emoji developments as of late.  And it’s no surprise that one of the oldest and largest global brands, Coca-Cola, is using this language to target Puerto Rican youth.

Last week they announced their latest way to spread happiness using the .ws domain (which they interpret as “We Smile”) as the tool for their Puerto Rican campaign. The suffix .ws allows emoji to be registered in web addresses, since they aren’t accepted by other domains, like .com or .net.

The registered web address with the emoji takes you to Coca-Cola Puerto Rico’s Emoticoke site.

However, the emoji seen on the billboards in Puerto Rico don’t necessarily represent their ethnicities. People have been complaining to Apple for years now, as evidenced by this 2013 petition to Apple to add new, more diverse emoji.

So amidst increasing criticism of emoji’s lack of diversity, Apple has reportedly created beta software, which includes emoji with “a wider range of skin colors,” per a Fortune article. In an increasingly multicultural world, Apple is portraying more familiar faces to their many users, even if those faces are computer-generated cartoons. Emoji diversity is here!