Millennials and Gen Z Are Willing to Pay Premium for “Better-For-You” Foods


By: Gabriela González, Sr. Strategic Planner, @SoyGabyGon

Consumers’ relationship with food has evolved, and today we are much more involved with everything we put into our bodies. Asking questions such as where was it made, how, what else does it have in it, etc. is becoming the norm. A recent study conducted by Nielsen proves how younger generations today rank health attributes of food products as highly important and are willing to pay a premium for them. “While age often dictates a need for foods that contain certain health attributes, it is the youngest consumers who are most willing to back up their sentiments with their wallets,” said Susan Dunn, executive vice president, Global Professional Services, Nielsen.

Having frozen meals for dinner or making daily trips to fast food chains to reward your kids will never be what they once were.