Ride the Obama Buzz


By: Francisco Cardenas, Director of Digital Strategy @chitocardenas

Yesterday was President’s Day and what a better way to start the week than by talking about our president. After blasting the Tube with his presidential interview right after his State of the Union address (#SOTU) last January, which the Dieste Inc editorial team wrote a piece about, this time President Obama is back with another interesting media stunt. He partnered up with Buzzfeed on a creative video with the objective of convincing young citizens to sign up for Obamacare. This young demographic has a strong presence online, and the results speak for themselves: over 22 million views a few days after launch.

This has created a media frenzy once again, with critics analyzing and discussing his communication tactics but accepting the inevitable fact that 71% of young people get their news online.


Watch The Last Word with Lawrence O’Donnell here.

Watch CNN’s point of view here.

Watch Greta Von Susteran from Fox piece here.


The Obama administration has done an excellent job tapping into what some schools of thought call “content aggregators,” using creative and editorial skill as explained by David Armano (@armano), Global Strategy Director for @edelmandigital. Check out David’s article entitled Ruling the “Aggregators” with Creative and Editorial Talent for more context from a multicultural and marketing perspective and other examples (like P&G’s Always).

Regardless of your personal stance on these tactics, it’s hard to deny that the president is generating some Buzz. Are you on it?