Let’s Be Real

Dove Real


By: Meredith Moon, Copywriter @cirque_luna

Working in advertising, and being a human living on planet Earth, we are used to seeing images across all types of media for all kinds of companies and publications that are modified in some form or fashion. Instagram alone, a photo platform known for its filters, has over 300 million monthly active users who identify when they are NOT altering the photo with the hashtag #nofilter.

There has been plenty of backlash to this, with online site showing us the horrors of #PhotoshopFails in advertisements. Dove’s Real Beauty campaign was well received at the consumer level as well as at the advertising award level. Making news now are the un-retouched photos of Cindy Crawford for Marie Claire magazine. The 48-year-old model posed in her undergarments in all of her real-life glory and the results have gotten a lot of good press.

Not so well received, however, were the 20% of entries to the World Press Photo contest that were disqualified because their content or look was modified in some way. This was strictly prohibited in the rules of this photojournalism contest.

Why are we all so afraid of seeing things as they are? Why do we need a filter or an airbrush or a color enhancement on our images? I think the first step in accepting ourselves for who we are is to look at our true faces…the ones everyone else sees.