Multiculturals Lead the Charge On Social Media


By: Danny Villanueva, Group Account Director

Instagram is more popular for Latinos and African Americans than it is for whites, according to Pew Research. The survey on Latino, African American and white adults found that eight out of 10 Internet-connected adults in those ethnic groups use at least one of the five main social networks: Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Twitter.

The study goes on to say that Facebook is the most widely used among all three of the ethnic groups, but Instagram is more popular with Latinos and African Americans than it is with white adults. Of those surveyed, 21 percent of whites use Instagram. That is far less than the 38 percent of African Americans who said they use it and about a third of Latinos who said they are users of the social media platform.

Is this at all surprising? We know that multicultural groups are leading the charge on lifestyle trends, and in many cases they too set the pace. Could it be because they are more inclined than other segments to take the risk of being the first to try a new product or service? It can be tempting to read too much into high use, but in reality this seems more in line with the demographic shift rather than cultural embrace. Still, this doesn’t discount the significance that social media plays within the multicultural community, even serving as an invaluable resource. Marketers are only beginning to scratch the surface of opportunities.