On Diversifying Silicon Valley


By: Meredith Moon, Copywriter, @cirque_luna

Working at Dieste in Hispanic marketing, we constantly read about how Hispanics overindex in mobile and digital technology usage, but we never read about them creating those mobile and digital platforms they are so prone to use.

Silicon Valley is a notoriously homogenous place. Less than 5% of workers are Black or Hispanic and women represent less than 20%, according to the NPR article sourced below. Facebook’s Sheryl Sandberg has brought some light to this situation, but mainly for her demographic category. And according to this op-ed in the New York Times, even the minority populations that are graduating with relevant degrees are not being hired by the big tech firms.

This tech educational program, CSIT-In-3, is trying to change that. Not only are they giving underrepresented populations a chance to enter this lucrative sector, but they are also pitching diversity to the tech companies and trying to get them to change their behavior. Geographic proximity to and creating relationships with the tech firms seem to be key getting a foot in the door.

Hopefully this will turn the tide and slowly but surely diversify the good ol’ boys club that is currently Silicon Valley, as profiled in this controversial Newsweek article on the treatment of women in tech.