How BuzzFeed Grew Its Hispanic Readers to Surpass Its White Readers


By: Jesse Echeverria, Community Manager, @jesseechev

BuzzFeed has grown its Hispanic audience the tried-and-true way. Tailoring its content to be more relevant, the publisher grew its Hispanic readership to be “proportionally larger than its white audience, according to Quantcast data.” Before they started publishing their lists and quizzes on what it’s like to live a Latino or Hispanic life, BuzzFeed published news reports that only showed one perspective and had too broad of a point of view, which did not pin point Hispanics. With a “broad group that now represents about 1 in 5 Americans in their twenties,” why wouldn’t a publisher tap into key Hispanic insights to grow their numbers?

Looking at the ethnicity of BuzzFeed readers, Latinos now overindex. A big insight is that most Hispanic readers “have diverse groups of friends and followers on the social web.” Maybe they are trying to say that as Latinos, we get a long with a lot of folks, especially folks who will read our shares and posts.

Whether that inference was accurate or not, BuzzFeed understands that content is key and shows it by having an editorial staff that is 9.8% Hispanic. How is your brand getting to know and building that relationship with the Hispanic audience? Do they feel like you know them well enough to engage them in say… a quiz that asks, “Which Pan Dulce Are You?”