Is Your City Ready For The Future?

By: Alejandro Martinez, Market Intelligence Strategist 

Demographic shifts can impact a city in different ways, and one of the most important changes taking place is multicultural growth. White Non-Hispanic share is declining, while the Hispanic, Black, and Asian share is growing at a much faster rate. Most people think these changes only affect major cities, but as this interactive map shows, big shifts are occurring in most cities across the U.S.

It’s critical for city planners to know whether to expect a White Non-Hispanic aging population or a Hispanic youth boom in their city. This will help them identify if they need to build highways, hospitals, schools, or all of the above in the near future. They also need to forecast economic projections based on these shifts and adjust accordingly. Some cities forecast major declines in population (Linton, ND, forecasts a decline of 31% in total pop.) while others expect tremendous growth (Fredericksburg, VA, expects 67% growth). Planning ahead for these demographic shifts can make an important difference in the quality of life and prosperity of the city you live in.