Want to sell to US Hispanic consumers? Go online!

Go Online!


By: Carla Eboli, CMO 

The Hispanic population is growing fast not only in United States but also in the “virtual world.” US Hispanics are everywhere in the digital world—shopping, playing, connecting and influencing other consumers—according to a recent paper published by Univision (sourced by Nielsen, Simmons and PricewaterhouseCooper studies). The document shows some really impressive numbers that should make any marketer re-think their communications strategy when targeting the US multicultural consumer.

The vast majority of US Hispanic mobile subscribers own a smartphone (81%), and they aren’t just using them to connect with friends and families through social media (79% of online US Hispanics say they have a presence on social media). They are also using their mobile devices to watch videos (2 + hours/month) and shop (80% more likely to purchase the products they see advertised on their mobile devices than non-Hispanics), among other activities.

But mobile devices are not the only gateway to the Hispanic community. They are also connected when at home, over indexing compared to the total population in ownership of high-tech items such as HD TVs (89% of USH HH vs. 86% of the total US HH), video game consoles (54% vs. 46%) and enabled smart TVs (15% vs. 12%).

So take heed. Hispanic consumers are online. Is your brand?