The Ultimate Multicultural Story

By: Francisco Cardenas, Director of Digital Strategy @chitocardenas

Being exposed to the work we do at Dieste, Inc., one of the top multicultural advertising agencies in the U.S., I could not help noticing, while on a recent Disney vacation, how their stories are written and told. They go beyond geographical borders, ethnicity, age and educational backgrounds – heck, if aliens were to stop by, they would surely be captivated by the magic of a Disney story. They are the true storytellers of a world where everything connects and makes sense through magic.

Their stories are simple and insightful, told in a million different ways with a multi-device approach hinting that their philosophy is: if it helps to tell the story, we’ll use it. For instance, 20 years ago, the most annoying aspect about going to Disney were the tremendous long lines visitors had to endure to experience any given ride. Today, the story (experience) begins even as you wait in line. As mobile device usage keeps growing, Disney moved fast as an early adopter and enhanced the experience altogether; for example, the My Disney Experience mobile app. From films, owned channels (media), mobile apps, books, merchandise of all kinds, theatre, music and more, Disney has very well-written simple stories told in a million different ways that make you want to hear and experience them over and over again. To all you marketers out there, this might sound quite appealing.

Regardless of how deep you have analyzed the Disney brand and its fairly recent acquisition strategy, unquestionably we all have our #disneyside – and as marketers, multicultural or not, have a good example to learn from.