A True Multicultural Champion

By: Alejandro Martinez, Market Intelligence Strategist 

One of the first TV programs to truly showcase diversity in their programming was Sesame Street. The kid’s educational program, which debuted in 1969, was one of the first to show Hispanic, black and other ethnicities within an inner city neighborhood setting. At a time when the civil rights movements was at its peak, Sesame Street was teaching kids about equality and inclusion. To this day, they are still teaching kids and parents alike about diversity. Parents also get advice on how to educate their kids about the topic, and in the process, give adults a chance for reflection and self-evaluation regarding their own biases and behavior. Both kids and adults still have a lot of room to learn and grow on the subject.

Some consider Sesame Street the most important children’s program in the history of TV. Few shows have impacted the way we think and educate about cultural diversity on a global scale as much as they have. Thank you Sesame Street for 45 years of being a multicultural champion.