The Face of America in 2050


By: Alejandro Martinez, Market Intelligence Strategist 

The average American will look very different in the not so distant future. The growing number of interracial marriages, which is changing the dynamics of our society, will also change how future generations look. The sons and daughters, products of these interracial marriages will have a more open, cross-cultural view of the world, and a fitting appearance to go with it. This article provides some beautiful images of how the average American may look by 2050.

To put things in perspective: In 2010, 15% of new marriages were among people of different races. Likewise, more than nine million Americans have self-identified as being of more than one race. Among those leading this trend: 28% of Asians and 26% of Hispanics got married to someone of a different race/ethnicity. This multiracial trend may be a sign that we are one step closer to changing the conversation: to focus less on race, and more on culture and values.