Up, Up And Away:

Desktop Online Holiday Sales Up 15 Percent

By: Jesse Echeverría, Community Manager, @jesseechev

Now that the twelve days of Christmas are up and the three kings have come and gone, let’s look over some numbers comScore, a leader in measuring sales in the digital world, reported this week.

Comparing 2014’s final desktop online holiday sales to last year’s, there has been a 15% increase in spending. 18% growth alone in the week of December 15 to 21 means there was $5.8 billion in desktop online spending. Cyber Monday delivered biggest online spending day of the season with more than $2 billion in desktop sales.

Looking over the course of the years, there is a definite positive trend in online spending. The American consumer flexed their spending muscle, and the questions now are: Is your brand taking advantage of this growth in purchases? Is it strategically positioning itself the right way to help online consumers spend on these key days? Are you supplying for the demand the best way possible? You have 11 months to position yourself to take advantage of this online trend. Go!