Maximizing Classroom Diversity

Provoke Weekly - Maximizing Classroom Diversity


By: Dannely Flores Kramer, Planning Director, @danneliux | December 3, 2014

Today, diversity in education is becoming a sought-after value from foreign languages to cultural immersions. And school curricula from pre-K to college are growing in a way that reflects this trend. In the past, schools began dual-language programs to meet the needs of immigrant children, primarily in Spanish. Curricula are now evolving to benefit English-native students in a variety of languages and immersion to different cultures as a more holistic approach to education, a response to our ever-changing cultural landscape. 

Language skills and cultural sensitivities are key traits for equal opportunity later in life. They are becoming indispensible assets as America’s diversity constantly evolves. Parents are seeking ways to enrich their children’s lives and better prepare them for the future. By 2030, 40% of all school-age children will have a home language other than English. The way you prepare your child for the world is becoming a hot topic. People are looking for ways to add diversity to their lives in order to keep up the pace, and schools that will help meet that need are on the rise.

This new generation of parents is fostering a new generation of consumers – some may already be here – looking to enrich their lives with diversity and knowledge from other cultures. Adding a little flair to daily routines shakes things up a bit. Cuisine, travel, media and entertainment are places you may find them seeking to add a little something different to their lives. Understanding sensitivities from different cultures isn’t only for minority groups anymore. These new generations are breaking boundaries and going beyond their comfort zones to experience something new.

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