Take control of your creativity


By: Luke Roberts, Senior Strategic Planner, @lukerockstar | November 26, 2014

We all know what it’s like to have an “aha!” moment, but they can be maddeningly elusive, especially when you’re on a tight timeline. Understanding the science of great ideas and what you can do to expedite their arrival could be the catalyst you need to break through your creative block.

Getting to the better ideas means we must first get focused. These days, there are countless distractions. Techniques to clear mental chatter can lead to more mindful and intentional thinking. Deep breathing can help you “rest and digest,” thus allowing you to visualize the problem and focus on a solution.

Next, embrace bad ideas, revel in their failure and be fascinated by why they don’t work. Masters of creativity in any form are prolific – they create terrible work to arrive at their masterpiece. And don’t shy away from play. Sometimes logic gets in the way of the unexpected brilliance that can come from the brain making unexpected connections.

And if logic is your safety blanket then consider this: Science has discovered that “more creative people shut down visual information before their ‘aha!’ moment.” They literally must stop looking to see the answer.

So close your eyes, breathe deep and remember, “creativity is just connecting things (in new ways).”

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