Super Power Button

By: Francisco Cardenas, Director of Digital Strategy, @chitocardenas  | November 21, 2014

It should not be a surprise by now how powerful social media can be to drive awareness over an issue and what it can do to generate a shift – just look at the #icebucketchallenge and what it did for the ALS Association. Well, if you hadn’t noticed, earlier this month both Facebook and Google came out with an effort to drive donations to fight #ebola. It was especially refreshing to see how they donated part of their “real estate” to drive awareness and donations over the issue with the simple power of a button and a personalized message. 

As a multicultural advertising agency in the United States, Dieste Inc. recognizes that the social media space has given an ownable place for niche segments to express themselves. This is not limited to a demographic or ethnic background, but it also gives the opportunity for certain global social issues to stand out. This is how a digital effort can translate into tangible change in our society.