Diversity Is Here to Stay


By: Dannely Flores Kramer, Planning Director | Nov. 13, 2014

One thing characterizing this country more and more is diversity. No matter how hard people try to push minorities and new immigrants out of the city or community, these diverse and often friendly people will eventually grow to be part of the fabric of society. Having a rapid influx of immigrants/minorities in places that are not accustomed to it can be discomforting, almost like a growing pain—something that may hurt at the moment but eventually will go away and become something big.

According to USA Today, Arlington, VA, is a great example of this phenomenon. With a fast increase in multiethnic population, Arlington residents became a little uncomfortable and tried to push these minorities out of the city. As with past new immigrant groups like the Irish or Italians, this new wave of immigrants will settle in and add a special touch to the community, making it more rich and diverse.