I’m Online, Therefore I Am


By: Francisco Cardenas, Director of Digital Strategy @chitocardenas | October 17, 2014

As Latinos in Multicultural America are using digital platforms to define themselves more and more as a space they can truly own and identify with, Google launches the domain name .soy (“I am” in Spanish).

This is a true reflection of the desire that “Indie-Latinos” have to try to escape and disassociate themselves from forced mass media stereotypes that have been imposed on them for many years. The times and themselves are partly to blame, but so are Latino Networks, Ad Agencies and Brands that found relevance only in the stereotype of what the perception of Latino in America is—which is very different from that of Latin Americans. 

I am absolutely captivated by how Latino online behavior keeps breaking old perceptions of this market, and I am quite excited about what .soy might unveil as more and more Latinos (and brands) keep building their digital footprint.