Digital Renaissance

By: Francisco Cardenas, Director of Digital Strategy, @chitocardenas | October 15, 2014

Few events put together such an array of marketing players like the IABMixx Awards and conference. This year was no exception: from publishers, ad agencies and media to technology companies, data analysts and content creators (like actors and musicians) to even communication holding company kingpins.

I had the opportunity to be a judge at the 2012 IABMixx awards in Mexico and was very impressed with the range of expertise that the panel of judges represented. We had at the same table creatives, planners, clients, media and even publishers debating and converging within their own points of view as to which was the best digital work out there. 

Fortunately, this year @dieste was able to secure a Bronze and a Gold award and also had two of our very own on the panel: Our ECD, Ciro Sarmiento, and our CMO, Carla Eboli.

The IABMixx Awards structure is a true indicator of where the industry is going in regards to breaking down the silos. This year’s conference theme was Art, Beauty, and Human Emotion in Marketing, clearly giving the raw tech talk a whole other meaning.

See the winners here.

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