Talk It Out!

Provoke Weekly - Voice Messaging

By: Tony Dieste, Chairman, @TonyDieste | October 1, 2014

Just last week as I was shuttling my daughter and her teenage friends to an event, I realized just how deeply ingrained texting and Snapchating is to their social lives (correction – lives).  There is no doubt that mobile technology has connected people more closely than ever before, yet at the same time most of this communication is now either visual (pictures) or based on texting. Calling has fallen the way of the T-Rex in my family.

However, there is a nascent but rapidly growing trend of apps, technology and phone features that are seeking to restore this incredible art of communication – TALKING! Yes, your voice! These new voice-messaging tools are trying to make your voice and communicating through talking all the rage in the digital space. Catch the full Provoke Weekly with the list of apps that help you TALK IT OUT!