Dieste’s “What Latino Means To Me”

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By: Jesse Echeverria, Community Manager, @jesseechev | Sept. 15, 2014

You’ve seen the Buzzfeed version. Now, let us deliver some Dieste realness to #WhatLatinoMeansToMe. It was not a hard task. As you can see, we love to talk about ourselves, and seem to be very proud of where we came from. 

This is how some Diestenites self-identify and see their culture:


Rufy Garcia, Community Manager: “I am… Mexican American. My culture means I get the best of both worlds.”


dieste, hispanic heritage month, hispanic marketing, multicultural marketing

Stacia Chavarria, Assistant Account Executive: “I am Texan/Mexican/Spanish. My culture is living in 3 seperate worlds, but being home in each one.”


dieste, hispanic marketing, multicultural marketing, hispanic heritage month

Arturo Lee, Creative: “I am… Mexican-American. My culture means I get to watch twice the amount of fútbol. Fútbol in the morning and college football at night.”

Sonia Angobaldo, Sr. Account Executive: “I am… Peruana-American. My culture means I get to enjoy french fries AND yuca fries.”


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Mindy Shepperd, Assistant Account Executive: “I am half Latina & half Anglo. I have the best of BOTH worlds!”


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Ramon Vega, Assistant Media Planner: “I am chić-ano!!! My culture enriches me día a día and I haven’t forgotten how to make tamales!”


Yvette Encalada, Sr. Account Executive: “I am: ECUADORIAN. My culture represents: my past, my present & my future.”