Cross-Cultural Across the Hall

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By: Meredith Moon, Copywriter, @cirque_luna | Sept. 11, 2014

Working with people from different cultures is, well, different. And it can be difficult. Heck, it’s hard to work with people from one’s own culture at times. Add on language, punctuality, time zones, tone of communication, and level of directness, and things can get interesting.

At Dieste, we live these differences daily, but instead of being across a world or continent, they are across the hall. Puerto Ricans are different than Mexicans are different than Spaniards are different than Americans. We only work in two languages, but Spanish is definitely not the same across these nationalities…which has led to many a debate over who is “right.”

This article discusses how coworkers can function more effectively when presented with some of these idiosyncrasies. Here’s a brief outline:

1. Mutual Learning: Absorbing, asking and relating

2. Mutual Understanding: Suspending judgment and accepting ambiguity

3. Mutual Teaching: Instructing AND facilitating

To sum up: be patient and listen.