Making Ideas Reign at Brainstorms


By: Meredith Moon, Copywriter, @cirque_luna | September 10, 2014

Brainstorming as we know it sucks. You all know it. We have insisted upon getting together in groups to participate in this anti-creative ritual probably because we secretly love meetings. But I don’t.

In my transition into the role of a copywriter, I was excited to start brainstorming—a seemingly fun process that only creative people got to do. That may be partially true, however that doesn’t mean it works. Or maybe it’s just me. Yes, it’s me, not you. But how would I know? I wasn’t in a meeting to have someone validate or kill my ideas…

I digress. Making overarching statements doesn’t work. Brainstorming is fine, just maybe not in it’s current state. Getting a bunch of people in a room to ideate is often times quite counterproductive. When you throw ideas out into the waters of the creative process, the group inevitably bites at a few. Then, one idea might not let the brainstorming session progress naturally because everyone gets stuck on that idea or iterations of it. This is loosely what’s called anchoring. Personally, I find that I work much better when I sit alone to think through the topic or assignment at hand, do some research, and then share my findings with people who have gone through a similar process.

Here are some other ways to brainstorm, if you are so inclined:

1. Get out of the office

2. Work alone or with just one other person

3. Brainswarming (see link below)

4. Do something to relax and let your mind wander

5. Have a silent group brainstorm where the leader briefs the group and then the participants have time to write their ideas down on paper anonymously (or not)

6. Talk to people you want to contribute individually

7. Have a drink

Do whatever works for you, but there’s just one rule: have the courage to say what you think.


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