Hitting The Campaign Trail…In Latin America


By: Meredith Moon, Copywriter | Aug. 26, 2014

Some Republicans know that they have a long road ahead trying to court Hispanics in the U.S. during this election year. Opposition to immigration and immigration legislation has put the GOP at a huge disadvantage with this demographic.

Three incumbent Republicans, Gov. Chris Christie (NJ), Sen. Rand Paul (KY) and Gov. Scott Walker (WI), are trying to combat the negative reputation of their party. Gov. Christie and Sen. Paul have scheduled official trips to Mexico and Guatemala, respectively, and Gov. Walker has reached out to the Mexican government in an effort to establish a Mexican consulate in the state of Wisconsin.

We won’t know if their out-of-the-box initiatives will work until November—or if they will persist past an election year—but positive action trumps rhetoric any day.