All Millennials Are Not Created Equal


By: Luke Roberts, Sr. Strategic Planner | Aug. 25, 2014

There are no more shortcuts. One-size-fits-all marketing strategy died with the birth of social media. We are now living in a time when meaningful 1:1 exchanges are the holy grail of marketing. If you or your company is trying to reach millennial-minded consumers, then take heed. Here’s what you need to know.

Chances are, you realize by now that all Millennials are not the same. In fact, they represent the varied demographic future of the larger US population. Millennials are 20% Hispanic and if you include LGBT as a diverse group, then you can consider millennials the first generation to be majority-diversity.

The key to successfully reaching millennials is by NOT seeing them as all the same, but rather through “micro-targeting” of the various sub-segments of millennials. And yes, Hispanic is one of those sub-segments, as it is a sub-segment of just about any consumer group. Fast Company provides these guiding principles: “Listen first, identify and address individual cultural nuances and create meaningful 1:1 exchanges by being transparent, respectful and mutually beneficial.”

One thing you CAN count on being the same for most all millennials is that they can sniff out your BS and will call you out on it. Publicly. So take the time to learn how your brand can be most genuine and appropriate with whichever sub-segment of millennials you target, lest you risk wasting your time altogether…